Year 10

Do animals have souls? 
  1.  Using as much of the following link as possible. Draw a table that animals do and do not have souls
  2. According to this article, what did the Pope say about animals?
  3. Who, according to this article, really suggested dogs will go to heaven?
  4. What did St. Francis of Assisi teach about animals?

Same sex marriage/ Civil Partnerships

1.Describe the legal changes that have occurred recently in England
2. Why is David Cameron in favour of same sex marriage?
 3. Explain why this Vicar believes the Church is right to ban gay marriage
4. Explain what Justin Welby (Arch Bishop of Canterbury – Head of the Church of England) has had to say about same sex marriage
5.  Explain the position in America on same sex marriage
6.  Using the graphs, describe the change of opinions in America regarding same sex marriage

  •  Go back to your mind map from the previous lesson and add what you have learnt.
  • Do you think the changes to same sex marriage are positive?
  • Would everyone agree with you?

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