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More Plato:

All the lesson (1 - 6) can be found here

Plato, the cave analogy and The Forms:

  • A brief introduction to the Forms can be found half way down this page 
  • The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy is a good start. Go here
  • Simon Blackburn on Plato's Cave. Page is here and to listen to the file click 'Direct download'
  • Alternatively listen to Simon Blackburn on Plato here

Archive: Class of 2010/2011
You can listen to top philosopher Stephen Law talking about the Problem of Evil here
Also in the Philosophy Bites section listen to the very famous Simon Blackburn on Plato here

You can listen to Helen Beebee on Laws of Nature (Hume and causation) here

Listen to Stewart Sutherland talking about Hume on Design here

Look at the following website: Exam pages

For other lessons on arguments for the existence of God (Cosmological and Ontological) go here

Revision section:
10 marks question brainstorms:
25 marks question brainstorms:
Problem of Evil:
For the excellent presentation from Tracy and Munira on the Problem of Evil click here
Easter Revision Conference:
For the session go here
And some of the work produced:

All work on the arguments for the Moral Argument is here