Year 9


1) Watch the video below and describe what Taizé is:

2) Read the article below. Describe how the Taizé community started:

3) Read the BBC article below: Look at the section on Taizé worship. Explain what is different or special about Taizé worship:

4) What does 'ecumenism' mean? Make sure you understand this definition, put it into your own words, do not just copy!

5) Use everything you have read so far, explain how Taizé is an ecumenical community. What does this really mean? Use examples to support your work. You may want to use the following article to help:

6) How has the Taizé community spread throughout the world? Use the following link to help Look at the section on Worldwide, interfaith and the future:

Find out some information or background knowledge of the murder of James Bulger - please make sure you look at respectable websites (eg BBC, known newspapers) to avoid inappropriate material

This link may help you for your next research homework:

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