Monday, 26 March 2012

Irenaean presentations

The following links may be useful for your Irenaean presentations:

  • A basic intro to the Irenaean theodicy, including a comparison with Augustine is here
  • A mor in depth look at Irenaeus; theodicy is here
  • A sample answer of a 25 mark essay is here
  • A students revision notes on Irenaeus and Hick is here (should be able to download a Word document)
  • A good website on the problem of evil - starting with Hick is here
  • A full summary of theodicies including a look at criticism of the Irenaean theodicy is here
  • For a basic look at an evaluation of the Irenaean theodicy click here
  • A more academic look and evaluation of John Hick’s “Soul-Making” Theodicy  click here

Tip if you are searching - if you want just Ireneaus search his name, if you are after him and Hich search 'Irenaean theodicy'.

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