Thursday, 26 September 2013

Create a summary sheet for the Prime Mover.

Follow the link to see an example:

Use your readers, your knowledge of the 4 causes and to create a summary sheet for the rest of the class.

Success criteria:

1.Explain Aristotle’s Idea of the Prime Mover
2.Describe the characteristics of the Mover
3.Explain why it is unmoved
4.Consider the impact on Christianity
5.Tie in to the 4 causes
6.The difference between the modern idea of God and the Prime Mover
7.Definition of perfection
8.Definition of ‘telos’.
9.Definition of ‘transient’.
10.The problem with Aristotle’s concept of the Prime Mover (especially in contrast to classical theism)
11.Evaluation of the compatibility of the four causes and the universe?
12.A link between the four causes, potentiality and actuality, the substance categories and the role of the prime mover in holding all of the other concepts together logically.

Email to everyone when it is complete.

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